Friday, September 6, 2013


Jenna started her first day of transitional Kindergarten.Transitional Kinder(TK) is for kids who have missed the school year due to the new regulations.She will be actually be spending two years at kindergarten . I was worried initially because she was missing the school year but veteran moms tell me that this is actually a blessing and she will find it easier to learn as she grows bigger.I really can't believe I have a kinderartener at home. It seems like yesterday I had her. I actually weeped when she left for school. She is at this stage where I feel she still is a baby but sometimes she looks and talks like a grown-up. Its almost two weeks since she joined here and she loves the new school. There are days where she is not too happy to go to school but I think that happens with everyone. I give her home lunch almost everyday but she wants to eat at the school cafeteria when they give Pizza or Mac and Cheese.Anika actually misses her sister when she is at school.The other day Anika was napping in her room and when big sister came in to have a look and called out Anika very softly.She almost immediately woke up and gave her this huge smile.Moments like this make my heart melt. I think I'm blessed : )

Monday, August 26, 2013


Anika's 3 month stats:

She weighs around 15 pounds now.

  1. She can hold her head well and loves to sit.
  2. She is not a big fan of tummy time and is yet to roll over. But she is almost there.
  3. She loves to stand .
  4. Gives huge smile to mommy,daddy,Jenna and even to strangers.
  5. She loves to be held always.Thank you baby K'tan (baby carrier) .It has been a life saver.
  6. She has started laughing and the noises she makes is so cute.
She has been sleeping for five -six hour stretches which gives me some much needed rest.She has been an easy baby until now.Now I hope I did not jinx myself by saying that.

Hi there!!!

Introducing the newest member in our family Anika Hanoon Khan. She is now almost 4 months old. I always had a thought on my mind whether I will be able to show the same amount of love and affection to another child. But I realized that children are God's gift and our love can grow.She resembles her big sis a lot and is unique in her own way just like her name Anika. She has this feisty personality and I think she will grow up to be like me. I'm going to chart her growth on this blog again just as I did for Jenna. So lets get started..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Long time No See!!

It been two years since I visited this blog. I stopped blogging for personal reasons.I didnt want all my personal stuff put out in the public.And then I think I became too lazy. Now I have decided to blog once again but its going to be for invited readers only.I have had friends and total strangers email me why I stopped blogging. Honestly,I'm flattered ,I didnt know people were reading me.One other reason why I want to blog again is we have a new member in our family Anika Hanoon Khan born on May 8th 2013 weighing 7 pounds 7.6 oz. I want to record her growth just as I did for Jenna. Its just great feeling to go back and read your older posts and see how Jenna has grown .The one thing I will not regret ever is blogging. So hoping to visit here regularly and having some conversation with all my mommy friends.

Monday, April 18, 2011

This weekend i caught up with some movies which i have been wanting to watch for long.Finally,i got some time and both i must say was not dissapointing. Saturday i watched Hard Candy. I read somewhere that this was a nice movie and wanted to watch it .The movie is about a 14 year old and a pedophile. Ellen page as the 14 year old has done an awesome job. The movie has two main characters and the entire movie except for a few scenes happens in the house of the pedophile. If you like psychological thrillers,this one is good.
The next movie i watched is Dear John.I heart Nicholas Sparks books ,i havent read all but few and he never fails to dissapointn the readers. When i started this movie all i expected was an average film since i have not seen any good novel adapted movies.This one i must say did justice to the book.Well i wouldnt say this is one of the best romantic movies but its definitely one of the best adapted movie.The guy who plays John ,Channing Tatum looks so damn good,and he plays his role of a soldier so well .Amanda Seyfried as Savannah has did her job well too. There were few scenes which made me tear up a little especially the last scene between dad and son.

I would say this was very productive weekend. 2 movies .. a picnic at the park, and some fun times at the Beach. : ) Just wish every weekend could be this awesome...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was waiting patiently for my turn and when i was assigned my case I was nervous,i was thinking '' Will I be able to do it?'' It's been a long three years. I asked them whether they can give me a Grade 2 or Grade 3 mobility case ,so that would be easier for me. I was happy when i was given an anterior grade 3 mobile tooth. This was so easy ,i knew i had very less to do,the tooth with a lil nudge will come out easily. I was so happy. The next case was a molar tooth ,now the nervousness set back,i need to give an Inferior Alveolar Nerve block and its been long and you have to be very careful.I have done it so many times but will i now after three years??I was trying to palpate the muco-buccal fold and with the shot in my hand,i was ready to inject and then .. Dang!!!! I woke up... Its been very long since i had dreams like this one involving work. Life has become very busy and profession has taken a back seat. I'm not sure whether i would practise again but i have been yearning to learn and work again. Weird as it may sound,i miss the smell of latex gloves and the constant drilling noise. Dreams often reflect your sub-conscious thinking and thats what happened to me i guess.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Today,as we were walking to the garage to get in the car ,i tripped and was about to fall and Jenna comes over and says '' Uh Oh!! ,You have to be careful mommy!!!!! I was actually dumbstruck because she usually talks in broken sentences. Her most constantly used sentences are I Want this Whats that? What are u doing,Mommy? I want to go to Chuck-E-Cheese!!! ( The most frequently used one) She is learning new things everyday and comes home from school with all these stories about her friends. Q pushed S today.. or I Played with B today!! I'm glad i put her in pre -school ,she is learning new things and moreoever she gets tired and naps well and gives me some much needed rest : )